Friday 16 February 2007


Edinburgh City Council has a new, expensive headquarters. The staff aren't happy:
A LACK of space at the city council's £80 million headquarters means official meetings are being held in the staff restaurant, it was claimed today.

Union leaders are set to mount a campaign demanding action over a string of complaints by staff working in the flagship complex next to Waverley Station.

Officials have told the Evening News of growing discontent about everything from staff having to "hot-desk" rather than have their own workspace, and a lack of storage facilities.

Commenter number 13 understands what the problem is:
I dont know what all the fuss is about. Theres a story in the Dail Mail today about an IT Manager who quit her £30k a year Edinburgh Council job because she had nothing to do, then saw it re-advertised at the same rate. If they cut the headcount and saved my daughters generation the cost of their guaranteed final salary pensions there would be enough room to move in a small army. As for Parking spaces - the CHEEK!
More than 10% of Scottish employment is with local councils. Does anyone seriously doubt that some radical cutbacks must be made? Incidentally, I wonder what the prices are like in the staff restaurant that's situated right in the middle of Scotland's most expensive city.

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