Thursday 29 March 2007

Paying the Piper

Last night I went to the book launch of Paying the Piper by Brian Monteith:
One of the Scottish Parliament’s more colourful and controversial members, Brian Monteith is used to swimming against the prevailing tide in Scottish politics.
A good number of Edinburgh's political and media folk turned up to buy the book and consume some samples of the eponymous product.

B Monteith 28th March 2007 Originally uploaded by David Farrer.

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David Farrer
Haven't read it yet. Will report later.

31 March 2007, 06:39:27 GMT+01:00
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Reactionary Snob
I've always been rather impressed with Kiwi beer. Is the book any good?

30 March 2007, 23:59:40 GMT+01:00