Monday 26 March 2007

Solving overcrowding at Heathrow

I see that there's a possibility that Lufthansa may move part of its operations to Zurich because of the EU's carbon trading regulations:
Lufthansa chief executive Wolfgang Mayrhuber has reacted strongly to this imposition of extra costs, even threatening to move some hub operations to Zurich, Switzerland, which is not an EU member
Well, let's see...

Suppose that Scotland becomes independent. Suppose that the EU doesn't want us as members because that may encourage those pesky Basques or Catalans to follow suit.

Then, British (sic) Airways might decide to relocate some of its operations out of the EU - to Edinburgh, or Prestwick or even Paisley.

Sounds good to me.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
I think complete separation from the EU, which is what would be required for this, for Scotland if Rngerland stayed in would be impractical. Not merely customs at Berwick but a high tariff wall. One reason against separation.

27 March 2007, 13:06:54 GMT+01:00
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David B. Wildgoose
The prospect of getting out of the EU just makes Independence for England even MORE attractive. 
Vote SNP, Set England Free!

27 March 2007, 08:05:14 GMT+01:00
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Purple Scorpion
Suppose *England* went for independence and left the three of you to scramble at Brussels for your subsidies ....

26 March 2007, 22:19:22 GMT+01:00
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Bill (Scotland)
Sounds good to me 
... if a trifle fanciful, given the stated policy of the party pressing for spearation?

26 March 2007, 19:39:34 GMT+01:00