Saturday 23 June 2007

Big Brother

We all know how tiresome it can be dealing with the state.

Like this:

I might not be the best organiser in the world but the TV license was the first thing that I did when I moved into my flat, actually didn't even have a TV yet when I did it!! This is the second time that I have received a letter like this the first time I called and advised the girl at the end of the phone of my TV license number and she advised she would put a note on the system, this time I tried to visit the website (tried calling first but they were closed) and it is under construction!!! So if you are out there TV people I HAVE A LICENSE and a DIRECT DEBIT to prove it.
There is a simple way round this kind of inefficiency that's all too endemic in capitalist society.

Ms Kelly (for it is she) could always move to Cuba! I wonder it they spell "licence" the American way too!

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