Tuesday 5 June 2007

Great quote

A retired cop helped to subdue an unruly passenger on a flight to Boston. The cop's wife kept right on reading her book. Afterwards she pronounced:
"The woman sitting in front of us was very upset and asked me how I could just sit there reading," Katie Hayden said. "Bob's been shot at. He's been stabbed. He's taken knives away. He knows how to handle those situations. I figured he would go up there and step on somebody's neck, and that would be the end of it. I knew how that situation would end. I didn't know how the book would end."

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David Farrer said...

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Richard Havers
All very Freudian.... 
There are plenty of incidents involving unruly passengers, but not many about out of control flight attendants. Think twice before complaining about the service on the Russian national airline. A passenger on an Aeroflot flight complained that the cabin crew serving him were drunk and he would like to be attended by someone sober and capable. His request earned him a severe beating by two stewards, which left carnage over the aisle and the area of his seat. Reassuringly the entire crew was suspended after the flight landed.

6 June 2007, 10:37:27 GMT+01:00
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No idea what sang froid is, but that quote is solid gold....! 
Maybe the Brits have replaced sang froid with schadenfreude.

6 June 2007, 09:56:36 GMT+01:00
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They sang froid, but sadly they no longer sing froid.

5 June 2007, 23:01:58 GMT+01:00
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'sang froid' is precisely the phrase I first thought of. The British were once like that. Sadly, no longer.

5 June 2007, 21:57:51 GMT+01:00
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Bill (Scotland)
Why is it that I would immediately describe this lady's attitude as 'sang froid', but I'd never think of using the expression 'cold blood' about her? Sounds a sensible woman.

5 June 2007, 16:33:35 GMT+01:00