Tuesday 12 June 2007

Scotland's future

The Scotsman's George Kerevan has fascinating piece up on Scottish Futures.

Here's a key paragraph:

Here's what the SNP leftwing always misses: it cannot be about class war - if it is, it divides, rather than unites. It cannot be about telling folk they can't do things (such as sending their kids to independent schools). It is about telling folk they can do things. It is about liberty, freedom
And this next bit sounds like the Freedom and Whisky plan (scroll down):
For instance, a sovereigntist Holyrood party would prefer to collect taxes in Scotland and use its financial clout to "buy" joint services in the UK. That would give individual Scottish electors more say in the Treasury than their personal vote in Westminster elections.
Although he wouldn't admit it, I rather think that Alex Salmond would be quite happy with this as the endgame.

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