Sunday 15 July 2007

More hot air

The econuts are at it again:
SCHEMES USED by some of the world's top companies to offset pollution are flawed and failing to save the planet, it has been claimed.

Oil giant BP has also been accused of exaggerating cuts in emissions from pig farms in Mexico, while Sky TV's claims for a renewable energy plant in Bulgaria may prove illusory.

Estimates used by British Airways to offset pollution from air travel were also described as being too low. And trees planted in Britain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may prove ineffective.

These revelations, to be broadcast in a Channel Four Dispatches documentary tomorrow evening, will re-ignite fears that much of the burgeoning carbon-offsetting business could be a con.

Personally I think that the whole anthropogenic global warming industry is a con.

I look forward to when some of today's industrial leaders have retired and are safely drawing their pensions. Some of them will then freely acknowledge that they went along with lots of unscientific nonsense because politicians were too gutless to criticise popular fads.

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David Farrer said...

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Andrew Duffin
Since global warming is actually a religion, the parallel with the medieval papacy and its sales of indulgences is almost exact. 
Add in the sacrifice urge (as seen in the way we desecrate our most beautiful landscapes and pay over the odds for pointlessly-subsidised wind power) and I almost feel a PhD thesis coming on. 
btw, does BP run pig farms in Mexico? Or did I misunderstand that?

20 July 2007, 11:19:50 GMT+01:00
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James Higham
...the whole anthropogenic global warming industry is a con... 
That may be so but the actual global warming is not. I'd love you to have been on my balcony when the storms we've never ahd before came through the other night.

15 July 2007, 18:05:54 GMT+01:00
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Bishop Hill
As Oliver Rackham said of carbon offsetting schemes, "Telling people to plant trees is like telling them to drink more water to keep down rising sea levels"

15 July 2007, 12:43:16 GMT+01:00