Saturday 21 July 2007

Property "rights"

Here's a sad story:
A FATHER-OF-FOUR who put up barricades and razor wire to save his home from demolition has been evicted after a nine-month stand-off.

Colin Gordon was dragged from the house after sheriff officers broke in through the backdoor as their colleagues kept him talking at the front door.

This is the view of Edinburgh Council:
A council spokeswoman said: "It is unfortunate that Mr Gordon was not able to accept the offers of housing made to him and his family. We had no alternative."
Yes they did. They could have respected Mr Gordon's property rights. Mr Gordon is a victim of state aggression, probably not unconnected with his living in an ex-council house. Does anyone think that a private school - the only kind there should be - would get the Council's support to kick out working-class house owners? I think not.

As a commenter said:

Methinks it wouldn't happen in Morningside or Stockbridge.
Probably true. At least folk in those middle class areas would be likely to get decent compensation. The state is not your friend. Especially for the working class.

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James Higham
This is appalling of course. It's Arthur Dent all over again and look what happened to the earth shortly after that.

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