Sunday 19 April 2009

Alex Salmond is "work-shy"

According to the Labour party, that is.

So what's the First Minister's crime?

Apparently Alex has:

only passed seven pieces of legislation since coming to power in May 2007.
Of course, the Labour party thinks that passing new laws is what politicians are for.

Lots of laws.

Like this:

... 3,605 new criminal offences created by the Labour Government since it won power in 1997 - almost one for every day it has been in office.
Let ZNL keep their expenses. Just don't pass any more laws.

Alex is on the right lines.

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

I have a lot of sympathy with the general critique of Labour in your comment, but note that the SNP has avoided going to the floor of Parliament with legislation, instead they are relying heavily on statutory instruments that are not subject to the same requirements to have evidence, cannot be amended (only passed or rejected) and which get little scrutiny in the parliament (ironically from those complaining about the lack of legislation). They have used the Henry VIII clause (statutory instruments to amend primary legislation - enabled within primary legislation) an outrageously large number of times - and rather than legislate at Holyrood are happy to pass material to Westminster for it to be legislated there (despite it falling within the remit of the Scottish Parliament - I'm having to deal with one of these matters at the moment - where a fundamental aspect of private law is about to be torn up as an adjunt to a Westminster bill, because the Scottish government have asked them to).  
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20 April 2009, 00:30:26 GMT+01:00
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Alan Healy
Spot on , Sir ! 
I'm no fan Salmond and the S.N.P. but a government sitting there and doing the absolute minimum is certainly the way forward . All the years of NuLabour busily creating thousands of criminal offences for no good reason must be stopped , then reversed .

19 April 2009, 23:32:36 GMT+01:00