Sunday 19 April 2009


I can't do any better than to link to Sean's press release.

All those years when it seemed like no one was paying attention...

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David Farrer said...

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Brian Micklethwait
isirksome as in: is irksome. Sorry.

20 April 2009, 21:37:58 GMT+01:00
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Brian Micklethwait
Great. Doesn't have to be anything deadly secret. Links to stuff already published in Scotland might be just the ticket. E.g. by local papers. 
The whole Political Class, down here in London anyway, is now completely freaked out about Guido. Half of them worship him, the other half are terrified, and it cuts completely across party lines. It would be lovely to freak them out that little bit more. 
But, as per usual blogger to blogger, if this isirksome, no worries. Just if it's easy, for you, or for anyone reading this.

20 April 2009, 21:34:26 GMT+01:00
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David Farrer
I'll have a think about that. I do know the local Tory councillor and he enjoys canvassing the Broon Hoose...

20 April 2009, 20:07:09 GMT+01:00
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Brian Micklethwait
Yes, a fine pronouncement by Sean. The LA couldn't buy publicity like this. 
The effect of the Prime Minister's idiot protestations to the effect that he doesn't believe in dirty tricks has turned his whole sordid career as a dirty trickster into up-to-the-minute news, because each bit of dirt proves what a liar he is, right now. 
So, David, do you or any of your Scottish readers and commenters have any dirt on Brown from his Scottish back yard? Now is the perfect time to be spilling it, even if it is common knowledge and stale news in Scotland. England is suddenly in the market for such stuff, finally.

20 April 2009, 13:12:10 GMT+01:00
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Thanks for the link. Well deserved praise it is too.

19 April 2009, 09:36:12 GMT+01:00