Monday 25 January 2010

The problem of beggars in Edinburgh

I see that the manager of the Balmoral Hotel is concerned about Edinburgh's burgeoning beggar population:
Ivan Artolli, general manager of the five-star Balmoral, said overseas visitors felt uncomfortable in the city centre. And he said Scotland's capital was the worst of 15 European cities he had worked in for begging.
I understand Mr Artolli's concern. Aggressive begging is just another of those problems that'll be resolved once our streets are properly privatised.

But one thing concerns me about this article: it only deals with the problem of city centre beggars. What about the suburbs?

The situation out there is much worse. Especially in the southwestern part of the city. One local resident is regularly begging Brits and foreigners alike to sub him for billions of pounds. Isn't that the real problem?

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David Farrer said...

Comment made on previous template:

I'm a Glasgow resident, but on my rare trips to the capital, I did find that there were a lot more beggars on the street, particularly the Princess St. area. I do like your comment 'once the streets are finally privatised'..... 

25 January 2010, 19:18:00 GMT