Monday 25 January 2010


I see that the Royal National Lifeboat Institution has had a record year.

Note this quote:

Michael Vlasto, the charity's operations director, said: "The record-breaking figures in 2009 may be, in part, due to people holidaying at home in the UK and Ireland instead of planning holidays abroad during last year's financial uncertainty. However, we look at long-term trends and, as we start a new decade, the figures for the past ten years show our lifeboats have launched close to 80,000 times, rescuing 76,489 people."
The key word is "charity". The RNLI is one of the few genuine charities of any size.

Many so-called charities are fakes. A genuine charity receives donations from the public that are given voluntarily. Fake charities get much of their funding from the taxpayer - that's to say funds that are extracted by force - and/or are primarily propaganda outfits devoted to increasing state activity.

Support the RNLI.

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