Saturday 30 January 2010

Who's gloomy now?

Scotland's top civil servant, that's who:
THE country is facing a gloomy future, Scotland's top civil servant has warned, with fears that reduced budgets will see a rise in compulsory redundancies.
But what Sir John is talking about are cuts in the public (sic) sector. The truth is that without cuts in the "public" sector we can't get growth in wealth creating businesses. I find it worrying when folk conflate the size of the state with national prosperity.

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David Farrer said...

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Colin Finlay
The 'other peoples money' well is sure to run dry for the equalitarian levellers. Of course, the non - financial, cultural damage to a society blighted by Labour's politically camouflaged 'believers' in Marxist superstition is measureless.

11 February 2010, 11:53:43 GMT