Sunday 12 January 2003

Libertarian soap?

On last Thursday's episode of ITV's The Bill, the new Superintendent at Sun Hill was confronted by his boss. Adam Okaro is black and I expected him to be an ever-so-correct Blairite. But he is turning out to be a bit of a libertarian. With increasing drug-related crime on his "patch", he is visited by the Borough Commander who is in a foul mood:
The Borough Commander Jane Fitzwilliam is getting tough on Sun Hill Police Station. But when she hears Superintendent Adam Okaro's radical opinion on drugs she demands he never repeat it again.
And what was Adam's shocking opinion? He called for the total decriminalisation of all drugs. Adam seems to be fan of Ayn Rand too. When Chief Inspector Jack Meadows (a traditionalist on drugs) asks the Superintendent why he was seeking Jack's help, Adam's reply was: "because it's in my own self-interest."