Friday 10 January 2003

On why Scotland's politicians shouldn't have access to the nuclear button

It seems quite simple really. You're a member of the government; there is a vote in Parliament; you vote for the government. But not for Cathy Craigie who "mistakenly" abstained in a vote, thus causing the government to lose its motion.

Of course, it was a mistake. Or was it:

However, one of Ms Craigie’s parliamentary colleagues expressed surprise that she had hit the wrong button on this crucial vote, despite four years of using the equipment without a hitch.

"You have to ask, why did she get it wrong on this vote when she has been voting with the Executive all along? It might have something to do with the election looming and the need to justify her position to the voters," he said.

No, it couldn't be anything to do with the election, could it?