Thursday 2 January 2003

Tories still don't get it

Brian Micklethwait wrote on Samizdata about a possible Conservative revival. The Tories have spoken out against the increasing numbers now becoming liable to pay the 40% income tax rate Fair enough. But what's this:
A Tory spokesman said that this meant many people in ordinary jobs, such as senior teachers, police officers and nurses, were paying taxes at rates initially intended only for the rich. "There must be serious doubt about the wisdom of imposing the top rate of tax on hard-working nurses, teachers, doctors and police officers," he said.
Nurses, teachers, doctors and police officers indeed. What about factory managers, software engineers, shop owners and, dare I say, accountants? Well of course they work in the hated private sector and are therefore of no interest to the new touchy-feely Conservatives. This is ludicrous. Most people aren't employed by the state and we are getting utterly fed-up with NuLab's continual attacks. There is a huge gap in the political marketplace for a tax-cutting and regulation-blasting political party that speaks for the majority. Why can't the Tories see that? Just how many Labour parties do we need?