Thursday 16 January 2003

Why no attack on the Neuearbeitspartei?

Here is a letter from another critic of Tory tax policy:
What is the matter with Annabel Goldie and the Tory Party? Why did she find it necessary to hand a political surrender to her opponents by declaring that they will not cut income taxes?
I don't understand why the Conservatives fail to challenge New Labour's tax-and-spend regime.

This article explains the dire consequences of out-of-control government spending:

Consider, too, the UK where the ratio of government expenditures to the gross operating surplus of non-financial corporates has risen from 57% to 62% in just two years, and where the relative size of the public sector payroll has ballooned 30% from 141 per 100 manufacturing workers to 183 since RobespiBlaire moved into No. 10.
Won't someone speak up for the taxpayers?