Sunday 8 June 2003

Fly the friendly skies

EasyJet has decided to hire a new generation of cabin crew:
The company has embarked on a major recruitment campaign aimed at attracting more "mature" staff to the skies, with positions open to men and women up to the age of 60.
As a "mature" person myself, I thoroughly approve of this move but even this good-news story has its little bit of Marxist nonsense thrown in:
Industry observers have already suggested that EasyJet’s real motive is to drive down costs by paying more mature men and women, who are seeking a career change, less than younger applicants who have greater job options.
There's nothing at all wrong with trying to "drive down costs", even if it's done by paying reduced salaries to older folk. Letting people work for the market rate is how less fashionable social groups can obtain employment. With any luck, though, EasyJet's policy will prove so popular with passengers that the oldsters will command a premium rate of pay.