Thursday 5 June 2003

Should this be celebrated?

Many, many years ago I studied business law and well remember the famous case of Donoghue v Stevenson that established the principle of a "duty of care" even where no contract existed. Mrs Donoghue had become ill after consuming ginger beer that had contained a slug. Stevenson was the manufacturer. Now, the case is being commemorated:
A group of Canadian lawyers recently exchanged "Donoghue v Stevenson" paperweights, crafted from a genuine Paisley paving stone found where Mr Minghella’s cafe used to be.

A party of American lawyers gathered to worship the "shrine", better known to Paisley buddies as Wellmeadow.

And a modern day ginger beer drinks company, Fentiman, is running competitions to celebrate the anniversary.

I am not entirely happy that this case is being celebrated - especially by lawyers:
Millions of damages actions around the world now begin with Lord Atkin’s ruling in the Paisley snail case
The "compensation culture" has gone far beyond that which is reasonable and threatens to slow down human progress.