Tuesday 3 June 2003

MacDonalds' revenge

Andrew McDonald is the general manager of the Edinburgh Dungeon - not a storage place for members of the Scottish parliament but a well-known tourist site. For three centuries the MacDonalds have maintained a feud with the Clan Campbell. The Dungeon boss has decided to take revenge by increasing entrance fees for Campbells:
More than 1000 Campbells started receiving letters yesterday, sent by a MacDonald at the Edinburgh Dungeon, telling them the higher entry fee was "an act of revenge" for the massacre in 1692 when at least 38 MacDonalds were killed by the opposing clan.
Mr McDonald's own bosses are not amused:
Sarah Oakley, head of sales and marketing at the company's headquarters in Poole, said: "We will be disciplining Mr McDonald and Mark Oakley, our head of public relations, who had been told of the venture but did not consider the implications before giving the idea the go-ahead.
Come on now - Mr McDonald should get a bonus. His stunt has created a huge amount of free publicity for his employers.