Tuesday 12 August 2003

And they think they can run the country!

I was born in Annan and grew up in Prestwick. The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Deputy First Minister is Jim Wallace. He also comes from Annan and has screwed up big time in, or rather not in, Prestwick:
JIM WALLACE apologised to one of the world's biggest aviation companies yesterday after he missed an event because he could not get on a flight.

The deputy first minister had been due to make the official opening of BAE Systems' new regional aircraft headquarters at Prestwick airport. He was booked on a stand-by option for the flight from Orkney to Edinburgh, but the fully-booked plane took off without him

This looks like a severe case of incompetence. Who agrees to appear at an important event and books a standby air ticket? That's especially true when flying from Orkney where you can't just jump on another carrier. Full marks to the airline for not kicking off a more organised passenger to make way for the minister.