Friday, 22 August 2003

Business bullshit

Accountants Ernst & Young are combining their Scottish and Northern Irish operations with those based in Leeds. I have no idea whether this change makes sense or not and it is of course up to E&Y to decide such matters. The managing partner in Scotland states:
"In terms of running Scotland, in terms of clients and marketing, I am still running all of that. The only difference is my boss is in Leeds and not London."

He added: "This is good news for our people and our clients in the region."

So Ernst & Young's "people" can be happy, can't they?

Well, perhaps not:

A handful of jobs will be lost in Glasgow as the region consolidates financial processing at its Newcastle office.
Why do some business people act so crassly? The "handful" of people "let go" will rightly be angry at this kind of talk. It's much better to be honest about the changes and cut out the managerial bullshit. This is why some people are attracted to socialism.