Monday 4 August 2003

The Gathering Storm

It looks as though foreign nationals may be allowed to vote in a Euro referendum:
TONY BLAIR’s coming referendum on the euro may include measures to increase the "yes" result by extending the vote to the 800,000 Europeans living in Britain but still registered as foreign nationals.

Lord Falconer, whose Department for Constitutional Affairs is supervising the referendum plan, is considering extending the vote to anyone working in Britain with a European passport.

This is likely to deliver a fillip to the "yes" campaign as expatriate Europeans are expected to be among the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for the single currency.

If there were to be a pro-Euro majority that was less than the number of foreigners "entitled" to vote I would suggest that we would be in a revolutionary situation.

By the way, what's this "still registered as foreign nationals"? They are foreign nationals.