Monday 20 October 2003

Institute of Directors

I recently wrote about the Institute of Directors and expressed concern about a possible weakening of its pro-capitalist traditions. Now, there is more evidence:
RUTH LEA, one of Britain’s best known and feistiest economists, is leaving the Institute of Directors amid reports of a serious falling-out within the business organisation.
I note this quote:
Said an inside source: "The notion that she was out of touch or too right wing for members is just ludicrous. You can’t get more right wing than the grass roots membership. She was a much better known figure than the director general [George Cox], and that was bound to be a problem."
Well, that would Cox's fault, wouldn't it? But here comes the worrying part:
Some say the IoD has not enamoured itself to the Blair government with Lea’s trenchant critique of tax and regulation. The departure may reflect a desire for a less confrontational and more pliant relationship with ministers.
This member wants a more confrontational relationship with ministers.