Friday 17 October 2003

Relocating the predator class

The Scottish Executive has opened a can of worms by deciding to relocate government departments from Edinburgh:
WORKERS opposed to the relocation of the headquarters of Scottish Natural Heritage from Edinburgh to Inverness are threatening to disrupt Scottish Executive legislation, it emerged yesterday.
More of this is planned:
Last night, the Executive insisted it would continue with its broader policy of dispersal. Future targets include NHS Education in Scotland, VisitScotland, sportscotland, the Scottish Arts Council, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education and the Mental Welfare Commission.
Few, if any, of these areas of Scottish life should be in the hands of the state. State control is the cause of centralisation. Put things back in the hands of the people and decentralisation will occur naturally.

On the other hand, my own proposed Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Politicians will be based in Central Edinburgh and will be staffed by a committee of the most robust of Freedom and Whisky's readers.