Tuesday 14 October 2003

Save Princes Street

On matters architectural I usually find myself in Prince Charles' camp. I therefore support Malcolm Fraser's opposition to the plans for an underground shopping mall at Princes Street Gardens:
Commenting on the scheme, Mr Fraser said developers should focus their efforts on trying to improve Princes Street, rather than dig up the Gardens. "It is an entirely crass thing to do in the city, particularly when you look at Princes Street. It has a bad retail offering.

"There are nasty 60s buildings and nasty Victorian buildings, looking like broken teeth. It [the Galleries] seems entirely the wrong thing to do."

Like Fraser, I have no confidence that the unique character of the Gardens wouldn't be destroyed. I also agree that the buildings on Princes Street itself are generally eyesores and yet they look out onto the greatest urban view in the world.

Let's rebuild Princes Street in classical style.

Bring back Robert Adam, James Craig and Provost Drummond.