Monday 13 October 2003

They just can't help it

Once again Glasgow's politicians show their ignorance. They seem convinced that there is a plot against Glasgow Airport:
Mr Gordon (Glasgow Council leader) has already asked Mr Stephen for a meeting on the "puzzling" use of a £6.8million Scottish Executive fund to encourage new routes.

It has failed to support any new routes from Glasgow Airport.

Forgetting for the moment whether the state should be subsidising air services, it has been made clear time and time again that the Executive's fund is available for use at any Scottish airport. The airlines decide which airport they want to fly from, not the politicians. Glasgow councillors don't seem to be able to get their heads round the idea that most economic activity is the result of a coming together of willing sellers and willing buyers. Unless something is "planned" by the state it isn't quite real. They need to realise that it's that very attitude that holds back Glasgow's economy.