Friday 9 April 2004

Close, but no cigar?

SNP leader John Swinney has been in Washington and managed to meet John Kerry.

The nationalists may have slightly exaggerated the importance of this encounter, but that's what politicians do.

Labour has criticised the SNP:

"This is typical of the nationalists - while Labour ministers are promoting Scotland, Mr Swinney is standing in the crowd like a latter-day Monica Lewinsky, hoping for a handshake or even a friendly smile from a real politician," said a Labour spokesman.
Now that's a bit below the belt. John Swinney as a "latter-day Monica Lewinsky"! The mind boggles. The question is: was Mr Swinney wearing his kilt when he met JFK (version 2)?

(Update: The SNP boss isn't too well known in the US as yet. My spellchecker recognises "Lewinsky" but not "Swinney".)