Friday 2 April 2004

Multiple-choice question

There's a bit of a row going on in Glasgow over its twin city arrangements:
GLASGOW’S propensity for twinning with other cities looks to be heading along the lines of a multiple birth, after it emerged that the city may be twinned with Marseilles in France or Karachi in Pakistan.
A socialist twin or an Islamic one? Let's look at the track record:
The city is already twinned with Havana, Cuba and Nuremberg, Germany, Dalian in China, and Rostov-on-Don in Russia.
All places with a socialist present or past. Maybe it's time for Karachi. On the other hand, if Glasgow twins with Marseille it can get both socialism and Islam in one go.

Here's a radical suggestion: why not twin with Silicon Valley or, if something a bit more third world is required, Bangalore? All those Labour politicians are always going on about entrepreneurship and all that stuff. Do they really mean it?