Friday 9 April 2004

Identity theft

Here is another useful article opposing the introduction of ID cards:
His (Mr Blair's) statement reflects the generally held belief that identity cards are invaluable in the fight against terrorism. Actually, as far as I know, nowhere in the world has researched their effectiveness.
Nothing too exceptional there for readers of this site, but what's interesting is that the article is written from the perspective of a computer expert rather than a libertarian:
With just a few tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money, scientists will set about card-cataloguing the nation. When the money starts to run out, the companies employing these boffins will start to leak stories to the press about how they are on the verge of a major breakthrough and all it needs is just a little more money.

No government, no matter what its political complexion, can turn down a request like this. That would be seen as being soft on terrorism and illegal immigration.

I like Mr Clayton's closing line:

It makes the Scottish Parliament building look like an exercise in fiscal prudence.
Quite so. I wonder how much pro-ID card propaganda is being spread by companies expecting to make a fortune from this evil scheme.