Friday 9 April 2004

See you Jimmy

Well, here's another use for my taxes:
A group of asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland are to be schooled in Glaswegian "patter", enabling them to work in local branches of the Citizens Advice Bureau.

But training on how to understand the local dialect will come before they are sent out to face the public.

A total of 13 people will take part in the £100,000 project.

I presume that the £100,000 is the cost of the whole project and not just the language lessons. Perhaps it includes provision of the uniform:

The Citizens Advice Bureau tells us that:

... up to 80% of the refugees we see as clients (sic) are professionals such as doctors, teachers, accountants and bankers.
Would it not be better to teach terms like "entrepreneur", "businessman" and "self-responsibility" instead of:
"Soshal (Department of Work and Pensions)"


"Giro (benefit payment)"

The problem is that our rulers prefer asylum seekers to be wards of the state rather than productive workers.

Besides, I have a horrible feeling that the CAB would tell our visitors that the Glaswegian for "entrepreneur" is "chancer".