Wednesday 21 April 2004

Edinburgh Rocks

When the previous Scottish Parliament closed down in 1707 there was much lamenting here in Edinburgh. Having our rulers nearby was said to be a good thing as we could always "pebble them with stones" whenever they got out of order.

Maybe the good old days are on their way back:

THE Holyrood parliament building was at the centre of fresh controversy last night when it emerged that plans have been drawn up for a procession of politicians down the Royal Mile for the Royal opening in October.

Some critical MSPs told parliamentary managers to ditch the plans, warning that a procession would look triumphalist and that bystanders might be tempted to throw rubbish at the politicians - such is the public anger over the cost and delays to the building.

Margo MacDonald suggests that her fellow MSPs pray for forgiveness instead of parading through the city streets. I have a better idea. Let them parade, but do it in August. The "pebble throwing" would be a popular addition to the Edinburgh Festival.