Saturday 5 June 2004

Look North

Apparently the Conservative Party has forced its EU election candidates to agree with Tory membership of the European Peoples Party:
It is instructive, therefore, to discover, that Michael Howard, the Conservative Party leader, has demanded that all Tory candidates in next week’s elections, sign up to the party’s recent deal with the ultra-federalist, left-leaning European Peoples Party. Failure to sign would lead to deselection.

What is the EPP action plan the Tories have pledged themselves to? Phasing out the national veto; a pan-European president; a pan-European tax; and a single currency.

Even the Telegraph's pro-Conservative Charles Moore criticises the EPP link in today's paper.

I was amused to note that the EPP's website seems to think that the UK has taken over the Faroe Islands! No bad thing I say. I can see several advantages in the return of British imperialism:

1. The "British" Broadcasting Corporation might finally realise that places like Manchester are not in "the North".

2. Presumably we would have a larger share of all that forty-dollars-a-barrel North Sea oil.

3. Five British teams would be eligible to take part in the World Cup.

4. I would have to make a trip to the Faroes to visit Britain's most northerly bar, having already made the pilgrimage to the existing titleholder.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil (
3. Five British teams would be eligible to take part in the World Cup. 
Which means Scotland goes from 4th to 5th place. 
What happens if, instead of us grabbing the Faroes, somebody subsidises the Orkney & Shetland Independance Party & then the EU "recognises" it, & 70% of the oil, as theirs, under EU protection.

8 June 2004, 20:46:39 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Duffin (
I'll be voting UKIP. 
They may be a bunch of nutters but it's the only way to put the right pressure on the Tories.

7 June 2004, 13:45:48 GMT+01:00
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Gawain (
Love the Foaroes, - If we could only have the same fishing rights that they do - oh and footballers. 
The EPP link, you shopuld have seen some of the lettes sent to Liam Fox when he announced it was deselection offence to fail to sign to page 26 or whateveer of the Manifesto. Make no doubt about it many of those who signed basically did so under public duress - and do not regard themselves as bound by their signature

6 June 2004, 21:45:45 GMT+01:00