Tuesday 8 June 2004

The people's flasher

It looks like ScotRail has found a way to defeat graffiti "artists":
The cunning FlashCam device is triggered by movement and flashes twice.

The first flash prompts those caught in the camera’s view to look towards it, then a second flash captures the offenders on film.

The United States-built equipment also issues a warning in an American accent.

It states: "You are in a restricted area. Law enforcement agencies have been advised of your presence."

Excellent news. I am working on a similar device: the PolCam.
Before the October opening, the cunning PolCam will be installed in the new Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood.

It will be triggered by movement of MSPs whenever they stand up to speak in the chamber.

The Scottish-built equipment will issue a warning in the accent of an irate taxpayer.

It states: "You are in an area paid for by the people. The taxpayer has been advised of your presence. You do not need to tax anything, but anything that you do tax will be noted down and may be used in evidence against you."

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David Farrer said...

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adamthemadman (
Great, I'll take two! Yet another example of an American invention made more useful after its adoptation in a foreign country. I suppose it will be smaller and cheaper as well? Just be sure to keep the Scottish voice in the recording.

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