Thursday, 8 July 2004

Degrees of success

David Steel still doesn't seem to realise how much damage has been done to Scotland's reputation by the parliament building overspend. One politician has done an excellent job of looking after the public's interest in this matter and isn't too impressed with his Lordship:
Last night, a long-term critic of the building Margo Macdonald, an independent MSP, said: "David Steel doesn’t know when to quit while he is ahead.

"Evidence to Lord Fraser spelt out clearly that as well as incompetent and dubious management practice by professionals, the politicians charged with overseeing it on behalf of the people did not cover themselves with glory either."

Steel was speaking at Glasgow Caledonian University from whom he received an honorary degree.

Using the tiresome terminology of the victimocracy establishment:

Sir David used his acceptance speech to pay tribute to the university’s "expertise" in social inclusion and community regeneration.
Ah yes. Where would we be without state-funded social inclusion projects? Well maybe we should note who received the other honorary degree at GCU:
Charan Gill, earned his honour by owning and operating the UK’s biggest Indian restaurant chain.
And did Mr Gill achieve his success thanks to the social inclusionists? Not quite:
Mr Gill MBE could barely speak English when he arrived from the Punjab aged nine, but in a true "rags to riches" tale, he has amassed a £15 million fortune.

He said: "I am absolutely thrilled. I started school when I was nine and left at 15. I didn’t expect this but it is always nice to know that someone is watching and saying ‘well done’."

Mr Gill is worth 100 puffed-up self-important politicians.

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David Farrer said...

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David Malloch (
I dread to think what a balls up they would make of it! They can't even keep the best Scots here as it is.

10 July 2004, 12:07:44 GMT+01:00
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Gawain (
And you think that that bunch of charaltans and socieo-economic poseurs would do it better?

9 July 2004, 16:09:25 GMT+01:00
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Stuart Dickson (
I thoroughly agree. We need many more Mr Gill's. 
Scotland wants many more immigrants, including (and especially) economic migrants. Devolve immigration and nationality to our Parliament now. Westminster is making a right cock-up of Scots immigration policy.

8 July 2004, 20:41:26 GMT+01:00