Thursday 22 July 2004

The SNP leadership

This is interesting:
Anyone typing in on the internet is directed straight to the SNP's party website - where a beaming John Swinney still welcomes the party faithful to "the SNP's new website".
I'd have thought that Mr Salmond would have had his own website up and running by now.

His two rivals' sites are here:

Roseanna Cunningham

Mike Russell

Roseanna's web campaign doesn't look too dynamic - it's been a week since the last update.

In terms of using the web Mike Russell is the clear winner although he'll probably do as well as Howard Dean.

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer (
I have sent you a reply from my other e-mail address. I did get a message saying that the F&W one had gone over the limit although the system says that I am nowhere near that. It appears that someone may have attempted to send me a 4,000 KB e-mail! 

23 July 2004, 20:24:05 GMT+01:00
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Alex Singleton (
Your e-mail is bouncing. 

23 July 2004, 16:57:18 GMT+01:00
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David Malloch (
I don't Gordon Brown will be coming, he still has ambitions to lead Labour at Westminster.  
Nor Robin Cook, Menzies Campbell, Chalie boy Kennedy, Douglas Alexander, John Reid, Charlie Falconer, Captain Alasdair Darling and quite a few more.  
In fact if Scotland became independent you would find a whole load shedload of them at Westminster saying "naw mon, ye canny kick me oot! whit ure ye gaunnie dae withoot me mon?!" 
The members of the Holyrood Parliament are a pretty sorry lookng bunch though, and could do with some high calibre additions, but I won't hold my breath.

22 July 2004, 20:43:02 GMT+01:00
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Stuart Dickson (
You are wise beyond your years. 
Would you like a round of applause? 
Actually we better wait and see what will happen before clapping ourselves on the back.

22 July 2004, 12:25:57 GMT+01:00
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David Farrer (
"No doubt some SNP worthy will be persuaded to make room for Alex at Holyrood" 
As written by yours truly on the 15th!

22 July 2004, 12:12:37 GMT+01:00
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Stuart Dickson (
I would not be surprised if Ed Black is correct in his column when he says that Stewart Stevenson MSP and Alex Salmond MP may attempt to swap places on 2005. 
It is a bit of a risk for Mr Stevenson, less so for Mr Salmond. Fortunately Mr Stevenson is one of the very best of the new bunch of SNP MSPs and MPs, and the electorate of Banff & Buchan are likely to look on his application sympathetically. He would do well at Westminster, and I can see him working extremely effectively with other clever-clogs like Angus Robertson MP, Pete Wishart MP, Annabelle Ewing MP and Mike Weir MP. 
In fact, lets go the whole hog, bring all of our talented MPs, from all parties, home to Holyrood. Don't bother sending the runts of the litter to Westminster. The optimum number of Westminster MPs from Scotland is a nice round figure: zero.

22 July 2004, 11:52:48 GMT+01:00