Thursday 1 July 2004

We need a market for transport

Although the City Council may well screw things up, it's clear that road pricing is necessary. Not many are speaking out in favour. The Conservatives should be promoting a properly thought out scheme of road privatisation but seem to want socialism when it seemingly benefits their own supporters.

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer (
Yes, let's get rid of all of the other taxes first.

4 July 2004, 18:17:37 GMT+01:00
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Steve Shackleton (
Andrew as pointed out the problem, it isn't road pricing per se but that road pricing is additional not substitute tax. 
These schemes are just ways of being anti car and making us pay for that stance. 
Road pricing is the way forward, but only when all other car specific taxes are abolished. 
The tories are unpopular anyway in Scotland, they cannot risk upsetting anyone else

2 July 2004, 12:57:44 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Duffin (
Another quote from the article: 
"CHARGING drivers £2 a day to enter Edinburgh will ensure they pay more of the real cost of motoring, a transport group argued yesterday. " 
Whereas, charging motorists collectively £14bn a year in taxes and spending less than a quarter of that on roads doesn't, of course. Feh. 
I would be completely in favour of road pricing if we were not required to pay all the flat rate taxes on top (ie petrol duty, vehicle licensing, etc etc), but dream on: it will just be another money-grabbing racket.

2 July 2004, 12:14:37 GMT+01:00