Thursday 2 September 2004

Shock! Horror!

Labour supporter bites Edinburgh pensioner

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David Farrer said...

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24 February 2007, 20:10:54 GMT
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And what is wrong with rats? They're intelligent and clean.

13 September 2004, 02:32:56 GMT+01:00
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That is the second time I have heard of a fox attacking a human. The other was in London - the fox had slipped into a house and tried to snatch a baby. 
It was one of the foxes from the huge municipal dump that the BBC has made programmes about. I saw a BBC nature presenter on telly saying, "foxes don't attack humans....just doesn't happen..... Never. "  
Yeah, right. 
It should be remembered that foxes are vermin - no better than rats.

4 September 2004, 08:38:55 GMT+01:00