Saturday 30 October 2004

Friday night viewing

I suppose that most of you will have seen the tape.

But what does it mean? One suggestion was that OBL has been in US captivity for ages and was forced to make the tape to scare people into voting for the President. Kind of like the moon landings being filmed in a studio in the Nevada desert.

I liked the theory that it wasn't really Osama but Karl Rove wearing a false beard.

This one is my favourite:

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David Farrer said...

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Andrew Ian Dodge
Scary thing is that one of the people touting this "Rove is behind this" idiocy is Walter Cronkite.

31 October 2004, 14:59:08 GMT
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Alastair Ross
Moore: "You'll do just great Osama, I've been tutoring church organists for ages".

31 October 2004, 00:04:18 GMT+01:00