Friday 15 October 2004

It's the economy, stupid

Much has been made recently of Scotland's falling population. I have no problem at all with people coming here from other countries to work and of course many millions are already free to move to Scotland from elsewhere in the EU, but don't. But surely the problem is not a lack of immigrants but a low-growth economy. Why else would so many young qualified Scots seek career opportunities elsewhere? Fortunately, most non-political opinion seems to understand that the solution is the adoption of pro-business policies.

I am afraid that David Land is wrong when he writes:

I fear that party politics could be the enemy of action. No political party gains by having Scotland fail to provide opportunities for future generations. Scotland deserves better.
The Labour Party does indeed benefit from our stagnant economy. The creation of hundreds of thousands of public sector employees who enjoy above-average pay and benefits gives Labour an almost unbeatable electoral advantage. It is the deadweight of those state employees that drags down the productive sector thus causing the low growth in our economy. That's why we can't expect Labour to fix things.

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David Farrer said...

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David Ellams
As ever, politics is the problem, not the solution.

20 October 2004, 19:22:32 GMT+01:00
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-"gives Labour an almost unbeatable electoral advantage" 
I would not call 26.4% of the vote at the last election "an unbeatable electoral advantage". Labour are eminently beatable, especially as they become more and more dependent on their Lib Dem lapdogs. 
The SNP are licking their lips.

17 October 2004, 20:13:06 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
Hmm. Perhaps it is these publically employed voters plus government artists who are moving from Labour to SSP. If so it is the first useful thing the SSP have done. Putting all the loonies in one basket.

16 October 2004, 19:40:02 GMT+01:00
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