Monday 1 November 2004

And about time too

I think that this is good news, don't you?
Dozens of "witches" executed in a Scottish town more than 400 years ago are to be pardoned to mark Halloween.

Prestonpans, in East Lothian, will grant the pardons under ancient feudal powers which are about to disappear.

Descendants and namesakes of the 81 people executed are expected to attend Sunday's ceremony.

More than 3,500 Scots, mainly women, were executed during the Reformation, for crimes such as owning a black cat and brewing up home-made remedies

It's probably just as well that I came into the world in the 20th Century. Although not a woman, I was born in Scotland. I once owned a cat and I have indeed brewed home-made ginger beer. On top of that, there's a broomstick in the kitchen and I've even worked in Prestonpans for a few weeks. A narrow escape I think.

If any of you are still around in 400 years you may be able to attend another ceremony in East Lothian. Perhaps there will be a pardon for our political parties.

For the Conservatives - for never actually conserving anything.

For the Liberal Democrats - for misuse of the word "liberal".

For the Scottish Nationalists - for alienating anyone who may favour independence but not socialism.

For the Labour Party - for being the party of dependency at the expense of those who actually perform useful labour.

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David Farrer said...

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About pardoning the political parties: unlike the witches, they actually committed the crimes.

8 November 2004, 00:06:44 GMT
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If you are being ironic, then yes.

6 November 2004, 22:23:01 GMT
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David Malloch
Guid, so we are a' agreed that this Foxley chap is a braw callant.

6 November 2004, 20:15:44 GMT
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Nothing is likely to enrage Mr Foxley more than calling him "English" or an "immigrant". (And this is a man who is easily enraged.) (Calling him "Mr" rather than "Dr" usually has a similar effect.) 
Although brought-up in the south of England, he is extremely fond of emphasising his gaelic stock. To me it is irrelevant. As regular readers of this blog will know I strongly welcome migration and migrants, irrespective of "stock" or upbringing. 
He is reasonably "well-educated", which makes his interventionism all the less excusable. "Upstanding": I wouldn't know about. Again I don't care: the world has had enough of politicians who claim they are "upstanding". I would prefer them to be astute, regardless of moral probity.

5 November 2004, 09:16:22 GMT
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Alastair Ross
Dr Foxley is a well-educated and upstanding English gentleman who is simply showing the locals how to run part of the Scottish Highlands.Like many immigrants, he may possess a different worldview to that of the natives.

4 November 2004, 22:34:09 GMT
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As you are a member of that party I take it then that you will be vehemently opposing senior Lib Dem green nuts like Highland Cllr Michael Foxley? 
I have rarely met a bigger antediluvian. 
Unfortunately his constituents in Ardnamurchan cannot afford the petrol!

4 November 2004, 22:00:55 GMT
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Neil Craig
For "envirnomentalists" for using the excuse of the environment for opposing every form of progress & for keeping the peoples of the world poorer than neccessary. 
On second thoughts throw on some more petrol.

4 November 2004, 19:55:00 GMT
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Alastair Ross
A Totalitarian is someone who fills the tank with petroleum spirit supplied by the eponymous quasi state - controlled French oil company.

4 November 2004, 17:56:36 GMT
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I see that the Totalitarian Wing of the "libertarian" movement has raised its ugly head again. 
Shame on you.

4 November 2004, 08:47:39 GMT
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Alastair Ross
For Third World immigration enthusiasts who are too stupid to realise that libertarianism is a European concept totally alien to the sorts of people they seek to replace Scots.

3 November 2004, 23:35:44 GMT
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David Malloch
What an utter waste of time!

3 November 2004, 20:04:27 GMT
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For the "Libertarians" - for not having the guts to stand for election at all.

3 November 2004, 13:31:13 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Well that is a start. Good for them...

3 November 2004, 11:47:11 GMT
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This story reminds me of the time the Catholic Church formally "forgave" Galileo.

2 November 2004, 20:49:03 GMT
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Gordon Mackay
The main thing the Conservatives failed to preserve was, alas, their vote.

2 November 2004, 09:41:01 GMT