Wednesday 24 November 2004


This letter criticises the fact that a Scottish video games company:
was to release its John F Kennedy assassination video on 22 November.
I have to agree that such a release on the anniversary of the murder of the 35th US President is in poor taste. But what are we to make of this news:
A small passenger plane on its way to Hobby Airport to pick up former President Bush crashed along Beltway 8 this morning, killing all three crewmembers on board.
Another US President (number 41), also in Texas and also on 22nd November. It's enough to make you believe in conspiracies.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
Thats the point about freedom of speech. No dictator/BBC director was ever so nasty as to prevent people saying things they agreed with.

19 December 2004, 00:27:03 GMT
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Who else but a BNP activist would equate people needing asylum with "foreign foes"? 
Certainly no supporter of any mainstream political party. It is a classic totalitarian statement, worthy of contempt from all true libertarians.

28 November 2004, 21:19:45 GMT
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David Farrer
I see no reason to think that Verity has anything to do with the BNP. 
Yes, I know about Hobby and Love and I've flown into both Houston and Dallas. I personally think that the plane crash was probably just one of those unfortunate accidents but there was a great deal of speculation to the contrary on some American websites. I note that some Colombian authorities say that GWB was "targeted for assassination" when he visited that country last week.

28 November 2004, 18:20:16 GMT
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You cannot be comfortable with allowing this BNP activist to publish on your website. Can you?

28 November 2004, 06:58:19 GMT
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Oh, for heavens' sake! Hobby Airport is in Houston, not Dallas! Dallas is 260 miles away and their downtown airport is called Love Field! Texas is a huge state (it could encompass the entire UK three and one half times). It's vast! Of course small planes have accidents in Texas. There is even a fly-thru bank in Texas. The state has a lot of air traffic, so calm down, everyone. 
Yes, releasing the game on the anniversary of JFK's shooting death was in bad taste, but although British freedom is in tatters, we must never consider legislating against bad taste. Otherwise, Cherie Blair would be outlawed from wearing a one-size-too-small sateen sari gift from multibillionaire Indian UK-passport seekers for life. Oh, wait!...

28 November 2004, 00:56:34 GMT