Friday 26 November 2004

Give this a red light

Are you sitting comfortably in your pram? Here comes nanny again:
SHOPPERS want "traffic light" logos on the front of food packets to help them make healthy choices, according to research published yesterday.
Reading further, I note that the "research" was carried out by the government's own food agency. They're hardly going to recommend that nothing needs to be done and that their own jobs are pointless, are they? And for those who think that big business supports capitalism, consider this:
The food industry, however, is wary of such a scheme, claiming it is too simplistic.
"Simplistic"! The correct response is: "It's none of the government's goddamn business. If there's a demand for this kind of thing we'll make loads of money providing it voluntarily."

Incidentally, I wonder if those researchers asked the proper question which is: "Do you want "traffic lights" printed on food labels bearing in mind the resulting extra cost you will have to pay for your groceries?"

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer
"pram" = perambulator/stroller. 
Two countries divided by a common language perhaps?

30 November 2004, 20:20:30 GMT
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You lost me at "pram".

28 November 2004, 21:51:21 GMT
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Neil Craig
If the FSA will be paid by the taxpayer rather than the producer then it shouldn't cost the latter anything since printing labels already has to be done & a traffic light won't cost any more than a photo of a McNugget. I grant the taxpayer paying, like the consumer paying ultimately means us. 
I think the "simplistic" complaint is nearer the mark - obesity seem to be this year's black in the food safety industry - I would prefer to see clear additive warnings - it seems quite clear that some additives make some children hyper & they are obviously more difficult to detect than the presence of sugar on Frosties.

27 November 2004, 18:37:03 GMT