Monday 1 August 2005

Back to the 70's

This was in Saturday's Evening News:
TRADERS face a drop of up to 25 per cent in their takings over the weekend as city bus services are brought to a standstill.

Retailers who are still reeling from the G8 chaos predict they will lose out heavily as shoppers are prevented from travelling into the city centre.

The city's Chamber of Commerce says losses over the two-day weekend stoppage could run into millions of pounds.

Here's a suggestion. Every time there's one of these strikes allow any car driver who's held a "clean" license for at least five years to operate his vehicle as a taxi.

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David Farrer said...

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Edinburgh busses are not a monopoly, there are several bus companies, the largest of which is owned by the council.

4 August 2005, 08:00:20 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
A major barrier to this is that the insurance companies wouldn't wear it. Can't really blame them - they like to know exactly how many people they are covering & for what risks. 
This is already a major barrier to car pooling - while the overall risk doesn't increase no company wants to be the one holding the baby. 
The way round this is for government to regulate ALL insurance policies to prevent them individually opting out & perhaps to amend the law so that passengers on unofficial taxis can't sue. 
Not a totally satisfactory solution & definitely not pure free marketism.

2 August 2005, 21:10:44 GMT+01:00
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David Farrer
I agree but was thinking about something that might actually be implemented now as opposed to after the revolution - i.e. next week!

1 August 2005, 12:30:24 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Duffin
I am also a bit surprised at your "suggestion". 
Surely the correct stance (oops no pun intended) is that EVERY driver should be able to operate his vehicle as a taxi at ALL times. 
Why should the state restrict such a use of peoples' property?  
(Of course - it's at the behest of and for the benefit of their existing clients in the taxi business. But we all knew that)

1 August 2005, 12:21:48 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Duffin
So Edinburgh buses are still a state-run monopoly? 
I am surprised.

1 August 2005, 12:18:38 GMT+01:00