Wednesday 24 August 2005

The Festival(s)

Of all the events going on at the moment the Book Festival is what interests me most. When I was leaving Charlotte Square on Tuesday evening I noticed that George Galloway had been added to the schedule and is to appear next Monday. I managed to get a ticket and will report later. What a pity we couldn't have been treated to a Galloway/Rushdie debate! (Rushdie is speaking on Saturday afternoon.)

On Saturday morning I went along to the Cartier-Bresson exhibition at the Dean Gallery. This is by far the best photographic exhibition I have ever seen and is a must for anyone in Edinburgh. It's on until 23rd October. I also recommend the Edinburgh Photographic Society's 143rd (!) International Exhibition at the EPS base in Great King Street.

I've been thinking about purchasing a digital SLR, but seeing the Cartier-Bresson photos tempts one to follow his example and simply use a Leica with one lens and some black and white film. This is one of my efforts back in the days when I used b&w for almost all of my photography:

Professor FA Hayek at the Alternative Bookshop in London.

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David Farrer said...

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David Ellams
what happy days! We did not know how well of we were then. 

25 August 2005, 19:27:28 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Duffin
I've got a Leica IIIf if you want to buy one. 
Heh - spoiler - if you want to buy one, find your own, 'cos mine isn't for sale!

25 August 2005, 12:14:28 GMT+01:00