Friday 5 August 2005

Buses back

I haven't followed the intricacies of the Edinburgh bus dispute. As I expected a deal has been done. The story in today's Evening News is fascinating:
"The militants shot themselves and the union in the foot. People were so outraged by the wildcat action, Lothian Buses was inundated with phone calls.

"There were elderly people, mothers with children, the disabled, even a woman in a wheelchair ringing up to complain. The next morning the T&G leaders realised they had to come in and take control of the situation. They decided they would settle a deal rather than allow the militants to run the show."

This is what the militants had been up to:
Regional T&G leaders, such as Peter Williamson and Sandy Smart, who have been the union's public face throughout the dispute, were in talks when the wildcat strike action was called.

A small band of militants are thought to have waited until they knew the men would have their mobile phones off, before turfing passengers off their buses and returning to picket outside the Annandale Street depot. The drivers knew the union would not condone the strike.

And how about this:
Company targeted because it's wealthy and owned by the council
Isn't that all the more reason to privatise Lothian Buses as soon as possible?

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