Sunday 7 August 2005


Even the communists realised that there's got to be some kind of accounting system, even if the one they had in mind was somewhat bizarre:
But there has to be some planning : without the mediation of money, society will have to organise an accurate system of bookkeeping, in order to keep track of the amount of labour-time contained in every produced good. Precise accounting will see to it that nothing is wasted.
How amusing therefore to read that our own home-grown leftists haven't quite mastered the art of accounting:
The debt-hit Scottish Socialist Party faces a hefty fine or possible police action for failing to submit its accounts to a financial watchdog.
The deadline for the accounts was 7th July. The comrades were granted an extension to 4th August but missed that too.

I note that:

... the delay was not a "debt problem or a political problem, but an administrative problem".
Of course.

Under socialism we'd get plenty of politics (and debt!) but mere administration would take a back seat. Needless to say the great man has demonstrated that economic calculation is impossible under socialism but it's certainly doable in 21st century Glasgow. Perhaps the comrades are stuck on working out the true value of one hour of Tommy Sheridan's "labour-time".

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David Farrer said...

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Harry Powell
I'm genuinely surprised by this since clearly Colin Fox's SHND in accounting is going to waste. However since he has described his career from 1983 as that of "Political Organiser Scottish Socialist Party and various other organisations" he is perhaps a little out of practice.

8 August 2005, 22:09:50 GMT+01:00
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David Gillies
Tommy Sheridan breaking rocks for one hour would constitute useful labour.

8 August 2005, 06:37:56 GMT+01:00
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I'm reminded of their manifesto launch for the 2003 Holyrood Election. 
Usual Trot nonsense: dole money increased to £40Kpa; single mothers guaranteed to win the lottery; Council tax to rise to £22Kpa for everyone who earns £23Kpa. Statues to be raised to commemorate avuncvular heroes of socialism/totalitarian opressors with the blood of millions on their hands, etc etc. 
An unusually enterprising Scots' hack asked the obvious question: "How much will this all cost?" 
"As much as it takes!", came back the erudite response. 
Shameless plug alert: I've also commented on this little gem on my own blog. (Thanks for the link btw - now reciprocated). 
PS - perhaps if Tommy and the Trots had taken advantage of the available MSPs subsidy for buying a second home in Edinburgh, they could have taken advantage of the capitalist boom in house prices to ensure that the revolution would continue to be televised. Needs must, and all...

7 August 2005, 18:37:48 GMT+01:00
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Hector Maclean
Imagine if their dole money had been subject to a similar delay during their 'giro cheque revolutionary' days, they would never have stopped bloody moaning about it.

7 August 2005, 14:32:35 GMT+01:00