Tuesday 1 November 2005

Fallen on his sword

So, David McLetchie has gone. I can't say that I'm surprised. It seems that the "Taxigate" row has been going on forever and McLetchie's position had become untenable. I met McLetchie a couple of times and he seemed to be a very trustworthy and decent man. What he should have said many months ago was: "OK, I personally will pay for a firm of top-level accountants to audit my expenses and diaries and publish the results to Parliament and the media." If some minor errors had arisen he could have apologised, paid them back, and challenged other MSPs to get their expenses audited.

I must confess that I had thought of running for election to Holyrood back in 1999. Naturally, I would have been standing on a 100% purist libertarian ticket that would have advocated a state so small that politicians would only be required to work on a part-time basis - let's say two days a year! Needless to say I held no delusions that I would actually get elected on such a programme, but it might have been a fun campaign. The one thing that probably would have attracted public attention would have been my pledge to work without accepting any parliamentary salary or expenses. And if by some miracle I had been elected I don't doubt that quite a few folk would now be saying: "I don't agree with that Farrer's politics - he probably wants to send children up chimneys - but I've got to admit that he's the only honest bastard there."

(I'm not suggesting that any MSPs are dishonest!)

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
No Brian then!

5 November 2005, 10:21:28 GMT
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David Farrer
Good question. I'll do a full posting on this in the next day or two

2 November 2005, 19:12:49 GMT
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David Farrer
New leader? David F! 
If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve. 
(Although a lifetime supply of Chicken Balti might make me reconsider...)

2 November 2005, 16:16:15 GMT
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dave t
Will we now see the media etc move onto the other MSPs all of whom have been VERY quiet during the whole affair....? 
Let us not forget that twit LibDem Raffin who claimed for trips when he wasn't even in the country - I am willing to bet that he was not the only one.... 
New leader? David F!

2 November 2005, 07:57:45 GMT
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I used to intern for Murdo Fraser when he was a relative unknown. His economic proclivities would make many a Reaganite or Thatcherite feel all warm inside. In the long run he's probably the best bet.

2 November 2005, 02:04:51 GMT
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Ragnar Danashold
Hello, David. You probley don't remember me. I'm the Marxist who posted a couple times during the summer. Well, I had a question for a Libertarian, so I figured I'd come here. 
If you had to choose, would you go with economic freedom (capitalism) or social freedom (indevidualism)?

2 November 2005, 01:04:43 GMT
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Neil Craig
McLetchie's real problem was that he was so boring he wasn't worth defending. 
Brian Monteith anyone?

1 November 2005, 22:55:24 GMT
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Andrew Duffin
What shame you had to put that last sentence in, to appease the libel lawyers. 
It's OK though, we know what you meant.

1 November 2005, 12:04:04 GMT