Friday 25 November 2005


There's an extraordinary post over on the Campaign for an English Parliament site.

According to Terry White of the Labour Party "Communications" Unit:

England, as opposed to Britain, has an unfortunate history around the world and within the British Isles and please do not say that it is all past.
As one of the commenters puts it:
This just goes to show how ignorant and bloody stupid the Labour Party is. Don't they know the Empire was always the BRITISH Empire and not just England's? There were probably more Scots involved in the running and defending of it, as a proportion of Scotland' far smaller population when compared with England's, than there were English!
Absolutely correct, Matt. Hasn't anyone in the Labour Party read this or this? Can anyone in the Labour Party read at all?

It will damn well serve Labour right if our English friends say that they've had enough of this nonsense and declare independence, sending Brown and co. homeward to think again. Hopefully, we'll lock 'em up when they get to Gretna.

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

David Farrer
From a chapter on the Siege of Lucknow in Our Island Story: 
As week after week passed, and no help came, the brave defenders of Lucknow grew sick with longing and despair. One evening a sergeant's wife called Jessie, who had been ill, was lying asleep while her mistress, who had been nursing her, sat by her side. Jessie stirred and muttered in her sleep, then, suddenly springing up and turning her startled eyes on her mistress, she cried, "Dinna ye hear them? Dinna ye hear them?" 
The lady thought that Jessie had gone mad. "Jessie dear, lie down," she said, "you are not well." 
"No, no," cried Jessie, "I'm well, I'm well, it's the Campbells I'm hearin'. Dinna ye hear them? Dinna ye hear them? 
It was indeed the sound of the pipes. 
Soon not only Jessie, but all that weary band heard the glad sound. The terrible agony of waiting was over. General Havelock and his Highlanders were at the gates. Lucknow was relieved.

26 November 2005, 16:59:06 GMT
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Mark Holland
I left my copy of Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World in Fiji which is somewhat fitting. In it Niall Ferguson states that, from memory, 50% of East India Company men were Scots and yet they comprised less than 10% of the British population. The reason given was Scots were in the main poorer hence their desire to go and find a fortune (or at least a better lot) was greater than Englishmen. Also there's almost a whole chapter about some Lanarkshire lad called David Livingstone. 
I don't like the idea that this sort discussion is mitigating blame in someway though, in terms of "but the Scots did too". Unlike guilt stricken lefties I don't see that the Empire is deserving of blame.

26 November 2005, 13:56:00 GMT
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I reckon he's definitely English (in denial) - although it will say 'British' on his Lap-Dog Licence.

25 November 2005, 19:48:57 GMT
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I doubt that he's Scottish, Welsh or Irish too. His sort are almost invariably left-wing English, and invariably they amusingly tend to refer to themselves as 'liberals' despite being as far removed from liberalism as you can reasonably get in a mature democracy.

25 November 2005, 19:01:53 GMT
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Terry White is probably not Scottish. English people say English and British patriotism is inherently racist far more often than the Scots say that, and Scots don't have any problem with recognising the existance of England.  
I think that Scots for the most part see England as a country to the south and don't see any particular problem with the inhabitants liking their country.

25 November 2005, 16:31:54 GMT