Tuesday 29 November 2005


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OK, but it would be a good start.

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Robert Seaton
In relation to the last remark, doesn't a high level of owner-occupation like ours make a labour market inflexible? It certainly makes people pretty unwilling to move for work, since they have to go through all the difficulty and risks of selling up. The amount of private rented housing in Scotland, I understand, is fairly similar to that in the rest of the UK, at around 10%.

6 December 2005, 18:55:19 GMT
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And the higher proportion of public sector housing

5 December 2005, 12:42:03 GMT
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David Farrer
The higher proportion of state jobs probably makes it less so.

2 December 2005, 09:52:25 GMT
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Chris A
Isn't Scotland's labour market as flexible as the rest of Britain's?

1 December 2005, 23:13:36 GMT